1.  We seek to become the largest retailer of used cars from America by creating a unique buyer experience that completely eliminates the hassle, mistrust and confusion that a typical Nigerian used car buyer may have.


2. We will achieve these by

  • Luxurious and comfortable Ambience at our locations,
  • end to uncomfortable negotiations (no haggle pricing)
  • provide a one-stop shop for only @koksiewoksie handpicked Clean Carfax cars & accessories,
  • utmost transparency to end all forms of confusion (no gimmicks, no stories) and
  • reliance tech driven sales options…


3. Stock Motors service offerings will specifically targets customers that find the traditional channels for purchasing used cars to be confusing, unreliable, and time-consuming. These typically will be customers who will want to complete transactions quickly and efficiently, using no-haggle prices and online services, attracting customers to whom are tech savvy


4. Our Value Proposition will include

Convenience, Transparency & Value, Efficient & unique sales process, Quality of cars stocked by improve our handpicking, increase quality assurance (pre shipment & on arrival) and certification by Action Line



Our priority in the next few years is to Introduce Technology as much possible to drive sales. We may not be to operate a digital sales portal that enables customers to complete transaction online immediately, but we must provide a channel that enables customers to initiate the sale or purchase process online. This includes requesting a transfer, reserving a vehicle for a viewing, provide information about cars and financing information.