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Import Order Sales (Pre-Order)

As a fully authorized dealership in America, we enjoy access to a wide range of American Spec vehicles selling across the entire United States at unmatchable prices. This means that our customers will earn substantial cost savings and value-for-money on any of our listings. We are able to deliver on customer specifications to the letter

Before shipping any vehicle to Nigeria, we test drive and conduct a 24-point evaluation of the vehicle at our Service Garage in Maryland USA. We also ensure that all warranties and open recalls accruable to any car are utilized before shipping such vehicles.

Our pre-order listings have a 7-8 weeks delivery timeline from approval to purchase. Tap link for other T&Cs (Import Order Process Flow)

Import Order Process Flow

Here is how our process works:

1. You tell us exactly what you want. Year/Make/Model/Miles + 4 Exterior color options + any add ons.

2. We give you a buy and ship only price, or to your door price (I.e including Customs Clearing) . Once we agree on the price, you wire the funds to our designated accounts for buying and shipping in full. We will begin to search for cars only after the funds have been received.

3. After we get funds and find vehicles that meets your requirement, we will then send you pictures of what we find so you approve before purchase.

4. If you opt to handle clearing of your vehicle(s) When the vehicle arrives Lagos, you pay for clearing and registration in Naira (as the case may be). We will deliver to your door.

5. Vehicle purchase and shipping takes approximately 5-6 weeks
Clearing takes about 5-8 days.
Approximately 7 weeks to your door.

6. Because we buy cars 100% on order, we do not have “Actual”pictures of the car we will buy for you. We can send only sample pictures.

7. We do not deviate from this process, if it does not work for you, we completely understand.

Finally, payments are made in USD or Naira (At agreed daily exchange rates currently N580) We cannot accept third party payments here in the USA. Wires must come from the person and country I am shipping to. We need to verify who is sending money before we accept it.